Object, No Object: Sculpture of Ideas
FRCC Museum & Gallery Studies

Employing critical theory and historical models
to explore the evolving definition of sculpture

Rachael Browning


Rachael is a recent graduate of Colorado State University, currently working on her Master's Degree at Regis University focusing on Gifted & Talented Education.

Previous Work:


Artist Statement
Installation at FCMoCA:

This space encourages you to consider the art process on its own merit, and not for what it can produce.

It has been expressed that art presents the opportunity for both finding and losing oneself at the same time. Art offers itself as a beautifully self-indulgent shovel that excavates deep within its maker and reveals gritty extensions of self. This visceral process of art making has been the driving force behind my work. And although I fastidiously, and sometimes painstakingly battle with the product itself, I am deeply captivated with the illuminating and inherent aspects of art making.

I have observed the sum of my art students, and professional artists alike, fostering fixations of “product” obsession. This insidious perfectionism harbors feelings of self-doubt and risks stagnating the creative process. The purpose of this space is to provide an environment that highlights, as well as reinstates, the value of the art process. I challenge you to look at the art experience in terms of its intrinsic worth, apart from its monetary, aesthetic or commercial context.

Just as significant to this project is closing the chasm between the disparate worlds of the fine art community and the public.Your involvement in this exhibition removes you from your unfastened role as spectator, and draws you into the limelight. No longer just a viewer of a product, assume the space as a creator and consider how the artistic process becomes the intention.

So, please...

Sit nostalgic and remind yourself of the innate and non-convoluted enjoyment that fat crayon scribbles, Play-Doh and noodle art afforded you as a child.


Consider the space... you could be looking at anything, even your own potential.

The objective of this space is to make art, not manufacture a product that will sit high and detached on a pedestal. Art making should be exploratory, personal, and hopefully messy. 

Use the available materials to individually create or collaborate with others before you. There are no rules or directions in this creative process, use only your artist instinct. 

Leave your work in this space, but take the experience with you.